R.J. Balson & Son Testimonials

Read what other customers are saying about our bangers and bacon. Here are just a few sample emails from the hundreds we have already received:

"True traditional and tasty British Bangers, pop them in the pan and watch them bang. Our customers love them."

- Simon, owner
The Olde Ship Pubs, Los Angeles

"Loved the sausages, can't believe it...Best British sausages in the USA...Bottom line is we loved them and we will be putting out the word to other Brits."

- Clare, owner
Virginia Chutney Co.

"Bangers arrived this morning and we have already tasted them. And, as expected, they are the best ones we've had so far from a U.S. source!...But it's also more than taste. They look good. Texture is perfect..."

- Sally, owner
Brits-USA shop

"I can hardly believe that after 29 years in the USA I have, at last, found an 'English' sausage. They are splendid, and I will certainly be ordering more. Thanks for 'getting it right'."

- George, Alabama

"I have to tell you that I have been over in the US for about 18 years and have tried to find that perfect "Banger" that I remember from the motherland. Yours hands down beats anything they sell over here. I could tell you all the brands that have come close, but never really hit the mark. Well done!"

-- Adam, San Diego

I just received my order of Balson Bangers, rushed them into the pan, and I'm still licking my chops from my first taste. They are everything I had anticipated! I had yet to replicate the delicious bangers I had in London 25 years ago and recently have been on a Banger mission. Mission accomplished! I can best describe them as snappy, smooth, fresh, nicely spiced and of obviously very high quality.

-- John, Massachusetts

Thank you sir for the fine order and quick shipping. My compliments to you and your company. The British bangers we purchased were by far the best we have ever had. My English bride of 25 years concurs. Your honesty in product description, and your humility in dealing directly with an unknown customer are truly commendable. You have earned a life-long customer. Thanks again.

-- James and Debbie, Texas

Opened my first pack last night, and had four of them grilled. They were smashing, absolutely fabulous! Thanks. Best,

-- John, Michigan

I have just tasted your Pork Sausages for the 1st time. I have now found the most Amazing English Sausage in the USA. Perfect English flavour. I have been in the US for 34 years and have tasted ALL of the others' they do not even compare. Thank You Very Much. You should be very proud.

-- Keith, Florida

The products arrived as promised. Cooked up 5 last night and they are very good. Most authentic I've had in the US in 20 years. I'll be sure to spread the word.

-- Kevin, California

We had the Balson Bangers. Fab is the only word. Thanks,

-- Richard, Ohio

We received your delicious Bangers, today, and we had "Bangers & Mash" for supper. We were very well pleased with the quality and flavor. We think they were even better than those we enjoyed in London in 2007. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and quality product. We'll be looking forward to the back bacon. Best regards,

-- Bonnie, Virginia

The sausages arrived yesterday perfectly packed and still frozen. They have been tested and declared delicious. So happy I found you. I've been yearning for real sausages for years. Keep me up to date on the back bacon when it's available. Thank you very much.

-- Susan, N. Carolina

Hi, just a quick note to say a big thankyou. The sausages arrived when you said they would and we had a family feast of sausage, mash and gravy, and sausage sandwiches with ketchup yesterday evening. Verdict? They were really good. At last we have found a source in the USA for proper English pork sausages; my son is very happy! We will certainly be ordering more in the future.

-- Mel, Maryland

"Our order arrived promptly and in super condition. The Traditional sausages are wonderful, the best we've had since leaving the UK in 1967. Can't wait to try the Garlic & Herb variety. Thank you."

- Anne and Brian, Alabama

"Thank you, received our sausages today. Had to try one or two or three for dinner tonight. Absolutely wonderful. Will certainly tell my British friends your email and web page."

- Doreen, N. Carolina

"I was given some of your sausages and they were wonderful. There are a lot of places over here claiming to do Bangers, but they aren't a patch on yours! We do have a Brit club which meets once a month and has around 200 members who I am sure would be interested in obtaining them too!"

- Frankie, Florida

"Imagine our surprise when we found real English bangers. My husband is from Worcestershire and had been missing his bangers terribly.

We will be looking forward to Balson sausages in retail outlets. Please do let us know when this happens, as we will be sure to let all our British friends know, too."

- Steve & Leslie, Mississippi

"My husband is originally from West Yorkshire England and has complained since arriving here 3 yrs ago that the Americans cannot make a good sausage (laughing). He has been in search of the "right sausage like home" for 3 years now.

My mother gave me a package of your sausages and I brought them home and made up a plate of good ole bangers and mash for my husband. I surprised him that evening for his dinner. When he took a bite out of (your) bangers you could just see him (literally) melting in his seat. He sighed.........ohhhhhhh yeah...........now this is a proper sausage!!!

It was my first time ever eating a British style sausage and I must say how impressed I was with your product. I see now why my husband enjoys them so much. There were hardly any drippings of fat in them and I was quiet pleased to see that. American sausages are full of grease and fatty things......so your sausages were a very pleasant treat for us!

I am grateful that you are able to provide your sausages on line in the USA. Many thanks."

- Sharri & Neil

"Hello, I just got your Tomato Basil bangers. I wasn't sure how to cook them, so I came to your site. Very nice recipes. I cooked the bangers in a pan, added some eggs over easy and a nice pile of hash browns. Your bangers are fantastic! I hope you do very well here in the USA."

- Kevin, Kentucky

"Dear Sir, I recently tried your Tomato Basil Pork Bangers. What a wonderful experience. They are my new favorite meal. I can't get enough of them! Where in the US can I purchase them directly? I have checked everywhere. If you would be so kind as to let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Merry Christmas"

- Russell

"Thank you for sharing your fantastic sausages with Angel Food Ministries. Our church is a distribution point for Angel Food. Our family recently had the sausages and they were wonderful! They reminded me of the great sausages we used to get when my husband was stationed in England in the USAF...they brought back memories!"

- Holly

"Hello, I just wanted to drop a line and say that I love the bangers. They are excellent!!! Thank you."

- Ryan

"Hi, I am British and live in the U.S. at the moment. I have found sausages very hard to get hold of, so I was pleased to come across your sausages the other day! They were absolutely fabulous!"

- James

"I have just learned about your British shop and new business in the US. Also have just had the pleasure of eating a couple of your sauages!!!! Brings back some good eating memories. I was raised in Swaffham, Norfolk, but have been in Louisiana for 51 years and no longer travel back to the UK. I await with great anticipation your reply."

- Joan

"Hello! My wife and I just enjoyed a package of Traditional bangers. They were delicious. I really love natural casings and they are getting hard to find. We hadn't heard of your business before and wanted to know where we could get more. I was intrigued by your package label and visited your website and loved the story of the family business. Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and encouragement! We'll be eating more!"

- Nate, Pennsylvania

"Thank you sooo much for finally getting proper sausages here in the USA. I have been here 28 yrs and without sausages that long. Cheers!"

- Jane