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British Style Bangers

British Style Bangers

If you are looking for the authentic English or Irish banger pork sausage, our TRADITIONAL is a must! This is our best-selling, “classic banger”, which combines a unique blend of spices, bread crumbs, and pork in a natural casing. A versatile sausage to keep on hand for any meal. These specialty sausages are msg and nitrite free. Fully cooked, just brown and serve. Kids love them too!

6 Sausage links per pound…

$8.95 per pound

Pork Back Bacon

Pork Back Bacon

Simply the best back bacon on the market today, British, Irish, or Danish! We source the highest quality hogs fed on a mixture of barley and corn. We then hand trim and cure the loins according to traditional methods and apply a subtle smoke from an applewood log fire. The end result is a delicate flavor that brings back memories of home. Packed in 8oz retail packs, 2 packs per 1lb. ordered.


9-10 Slices per 8 oz (1/2 pound) — $7.45 per 8 oz. 

Sold in 1 pound increments (x2 packages).

$14.90 per pound

Breakfast Bangers

Breakfast Bangers

We are thrilled to offer our classic banger - "breakfast sized"! These pork "chipolatas" have the same great flavor and texture as our best selling Traditional English & Irish Bangers. The all natural sheep casings have a wonderful "snap" and brown in the pan in just seconds. These bangers are a perfect way to start the day with Balson’s bacon, eggs, beans and toast. No MSG or nitrites.

18 links per pound.

$9.45 per pound

Garlic & Herb Bangers

Garlic & Herb Bangers

Another delicious banger blended with fresh garlic, rosemary, basil, oregano, ginger, and more … bursting with flavor! Makes for a great dinner sausage. Serve with mashed potatoes for an authentic British treat. Fully cooked. MSG and nitrite free.

5 Sausage links per pound…

$7.95 per pound


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