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New Balsons Back Bacon Label – Sneak Peak!

Posted by Oliver Balson on October 04 2011


Here it is, our revamped back bacon label….  

Oliver Balson, President and Co-Founder of “Balsons USA”, says…”We are very pleased with the new back bacon label.  We hoped to design an attractive label while capturing the combined English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh traditions that our back bacon has come to symbolize for Ex-Pats here in the U.S., and we feel we’ve done so!”  Balson’s bacon will continue to be packed in the same 8oz retail packaging with the new label design being implemented mid-October 2011.

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Bacon, Bangers, and Blogs!

Posted by Oliver Balson on October 04 2011

We’re pleased  to announce the launch of our “Balson Blog”, where you will now be able to access the latest news on products, pub and retail placements, upcoming promotionals, and everything else “Balson”!  This 2011 summer brought quite a few changes for the Balsons – for starters, we’ve relocated our U.S. offices to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  We feel this will provide an excellent platform in the future for distribution to the many fine pubs and restaurants in the Carolinas and into the Southeast U.S.  Be sure to tell your favorite pubs down south about Balsons bangers and bacon. 

We’ve also revamped much of our website ( http://www.balsonbutchers.com )!  Be sure to check out our new “About Us” link ( http://www.balsonbutchers.com/pages/about ) which covers our history, recent regional awards from the U.K., a “mission statement” explaining why we do what we do, and select media articles and videos.  For pub and shop owners, we have also added a “Wholesale” link ( http://www.balsonbutchers.com/blogs/pub-retail-locations ), where you can find more information on purchasing bulk items to suit your needs.  Enjoy the pages, and remember, BUY BETTER, BUY BALSONS!