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New Labels, Same Bangers!

Posted by Oliver Balson on February 07 2013

For our regular online customers, you will notice that our Traditional Bangers have a new face.  Never fear -- the sausages are unchanged!    As well as selling to a number of ENGLISH and IRISH pubs, we have also started packing our bangers both with an ENGLISH and IRISH themed label.  This has come about after working with a number of retail buyers on what they feel will best perform at retail here in the U.S.

While there are geographical differences in what butchers call "Traditional Bangers" in all of the U.K., we feel these differences are more regional rather than national.  What we at Balsons from Southwest England consider "Traditional" may be very different from what a butcher in Lincolnshire or Cumbria considers "Traditional", but could be very similar from what Londoners or Dubliners consider "Traditional."  

If you are confused, you're in good company!  A surprising number of distributors, buyers, and even pub owners are equally as confused as to what difference is (if there is one!).  We hope to soon release more detailed thoughts on the matter soon with an upcoming blog entry, "English, Irish.... Whats the Skinny?" Hopefully it will be a small contribution to help clear up the matter!

"Balson Bangers" at Costco!

Posted by Oliver Balson on February 06 2013


S.D. Reader press mention

Posted by Oliver Balson on January 31 2013

We love free press coverage!! Thank you to the San Diego Reader for the mention, and thank you to Ron Choulartan of the Union Jack newspaper out of L.A. for spotting it! Click on the link below ...Cheers!


Balson Beef Bangers now Available!

Posted by Oliver Balson on January 21 2013

 We are pleased to introduce our newest specialty sausage in the U.S., based on our recipe that won "Gold Medal -- Overall Champion" at the 2010 Southwest England BPEX Awards. Our beef banger combines a unique blend of traditional spices, bread crumbs, and beef in a natural casing.  We've also added a hint of dried horseradish, which compliments the beef and adds just a bit of heat.  Mild and pleasing, these specialty sausages are msg and nitrite free. Fully cooked, just brown and serve .. now available in our online shop!

Happy Christmas!

Posted by Oliver Balson on December 15 2012


We would like to thank so many of you for your patronage this year, and we'd especially like to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year!  God bless you,

The Balsons

We really love reading these......

Posted by Oliver Balson on December 02 2012


I had placed this order a few weeks ago and got a personal call to reschedule delivery after hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. This, I considered excellent customer service.  Well now I finally had the opportunity to prepare the breakfast bangers and back bacon for a proper breakfast. I have to say they are the best tasting and textured breakfast meats I've ever had in the US. I'm originally from Ireland, so this says a lot about your product.
I will absolutely be placing future orders and spreading the word about your company.

Britain's "Most Legendary Bangers"

Posted by Oliver Balson on October 18 2012

A highlight from last year's National Sausage Week... R.J. Balson's Spicy Pork and Toffee Apple sausage, created for fireworks night, reached the finals of the competition and was judged to be one of Britain's "Most Legendary Bangers" by the panel of experts and guest judge Noddy Holder. I list of all 2012 awards coming soon!

What a summer!

Posted by Oliver Balson on August 19 2012

 The Summer of 2012 was quite eventful! ...London survived the crowds of the Olympics while Bridport survived major flash flooding!  Our shop was underwater with much of Dorset, and we still managed to keep the butchery going!  Summer of 2012 is another major event to add to our 477 year history!   Top photos are of front and sides of the shop, Bottom photos are of Bridport streets.




Radio Talk Show

Posted by Oliver Balson on July 17 2012

Be sure to catch us on the radio Wed., July 17... We're talking butchery with " Big JD" -- at 4pm -- don't miss "uTalkin2ME with Big JD" talk show on 99.1FM out of Windsor-Detroit or online podcast at


A Recent Product Review...

Posted by Oliver Balson on April 30 2012

A special thank you to Shelly Hill from Two Classy Chics Foodie Blog for a wonderful review of our bangers and bacon!.... just click  the link below!

Cheers!, The Balsons