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All the latest "BALSON BANGER" News by COSTCO Region -- When and where they are, where they aren't, and what you can do to help!

          ALL COSTCO clubs in highlighted hrange states are stocking!


BALSON BANGER -- News by Region:


NORTHEAST and MID-ATLANTIC -- BALSON BANGERS are NOW on the shelves at EVERY COSTCO CLUB in NY, NJ, MA, PA, VT, NH, CT, RI, DE, MD, Wash DC, VA, AND WV!  At $7.99 for a 2 lb pack, we encourage you to get them while you can!  This is a limited time offer and will only be available for a few weeks as part of Costco's St Patrick's Day offerings! Our bangers are able to be frozen for 6-12 months after purchase, so stock up if you can!


TX, OK, and LA -- We have big news!  For the first time, "Balson Bangers" are coming to EVERY COSTCO CLUB in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma!  Costco has heard the cries of its people in the South, and our bangers will be on the shelves at every location in these states starting the week of February 19th through St Patrick's Day (or while supplies last).  Please help spread the word!

MIDWEST, SOUTHEAST, and the WEST -- We are extremely disappointed to announce that our Bangers will not be returning to COSTCO in these regions this year.  This is obviously not our decision, but you can help Costco decide to bring our bangers back!  While shelf space is very competitive to get, the COSTCO buyers do actually pay attention to member suggestions.  Please see below on how you can help!



While we do not set COSTCO pricing, you can expect to purchase "BALSON BANGERS" for around 70% OFF of our online store price due to COSTCO's structure and volume.  This is a great price with a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Get stocked up while you can -- Bangers are in a 2 lb sell unit pack and can be frozen for up to 6 months after purchase!  Our Bangers are a part of COSTCO's St Patrick's Day set and will be available until March, or while supplies last!

NO BANGERS NEAR YOU? Here's how to help:

Go to your local COSTCO club's customer service desk and fill out a complaint form and request  RJ Balson & Son Bangers..  Feel free to put down our Costco item number -- "679760"  The buyers review these weekly!  


If you'd like to make a further nuisance of yourself -- and we encourage you to do so! -- tell a  Costco customer service person that you would like the contact info for the buying office, and then either call, write, or email the office and let them know you'd love to see our items on the shelves! 


ANY of the above would be greatly appreciated  -- we picked up TX, LA, and OK this year in large part due to Costco club member requests.  Thank you for your support and interest -- Please help spread the word by sharing the news with friends and family.  You can also keep up with us by "Liking" our Facebook page, "R.J. Balson USA".  Thank you sincerely if you've made it this far!


Oliver Balson
Pres., RJ Balson USA, Inc.

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