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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted by Oliver Balson on December 23 2015

From our family to yours this holiday season, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We sincerely thank you for support and keeping us going another year!  All the best for 2019, our 503rd year in business!  The Balsons


Posted by Oliver Balson on May 13 2018

There's just ONE DAY left to order! Make sure you don't go hungry while you watch the Royal Wedding coverage for 5 hours next Saturday morning! RJ Balson's Traditional Bangers and Back Bacon will hit the spot! Order by midnight today (Sunday the 13th) to ensure delivery before the big event!  Here are some details of the big day from The Telegraph ... 


Royal wedding 2018: Schedule and timings for Harry and Meghan's big day

Telegraph Reporters
A view of the Quire in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have their wedding service - Getty Images Europe


The Royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is now just over a week away, which means the final preparations for the big day will no doubt be being tweaked and polished as you read. The ceremony, which takes place on Saturday May 19, will be held in Windsor; it will include two wedding receptions and a carriage procession, as well as the service.

Prince Harry and Ms Markle have broken tradition by choosing to hold their wedding on a Saturday, as royal weddings usually take place during the week. 

The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was held on a Friday and the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales was held on a Wednesday; on both occasions the public were given an extra bank holiday.

While Downing Street have said there are no plans to give Britons a day off for this year's royal nuptials, pubs and bars will be allowed to stay open until 1am on Friday May 18 and the day of the wedding itself.

Amber Rudd, the former Home Secretary, opened a consultation on the plans in January. She said: “The Royal wedding will be a time of national celebration, and we want everyone to be able to make the most of such an historic occasion.

“I hope that this relaxation of the licensing hours will allow people to extend their festivities and come together to mark what will be a very special moment for the country.”

Here is everything you need to know about how the big day will unfold.

The service

The service will take place at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle, which last hosted a royal wedding in May 2008 when Peter Phillips - son of The Princess Royal - married Autumn Kelly. Prince Edward also wed Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, there in June 1999; plus Prince Harry was christened there in 1984 by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie.

Members of the public who have been invited to watch from the grounds of Windsor Castle will  begin to arrive from 9am.

Guests will arrive between 9:30am and 11am by coach. Two driving routes have been suggested, with guests required to meet at the Windsor Farm Shop – founded in 2001 after the Duke of Edinburgh had an idea to support local businesses by selling produce.

There, three miles away from the venue, guests will be put through security checks and asked to show identification; they will then be ushered onto buses to travel to Windsor Castle, where they will alight at the castle's Round Tower and enter the chapel through the south door.

Instructions reportedly sent to the guests ban cameras and bulky bags, adding that guests will be asked to "surrender mobile telephones and any devices used for image capture".

The rules further specify that guests should not wear medals, in a list of suggestions about accessories that includes: "No swords."

At 11:20am, members of the Royal Family will arrive and enter the chapel through the Galilee Porch. Some will arrive in state car from the Royal Mews, including Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Daimlers.

A view of the Quire in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have their wedding service Credit:  WPA Pool

Prince Harry and his brother and best man the Duke of Cambridge are expected to arrive at the chapel's west steps at 11:45am. 

It is assumed they will enter the grounds on foot, giving Prince Harry the opportunity to walk past the crowds in the grounds. He will pass 200 representatives from charities he is associated with, who are expected to gather in the horseshoe cloister at the bottom of the steps.

The Queen will be the final member of the Royal Family to arrive for the service, and is expected at 11:55am.

The service will begin at 12pm, with Ms Markle due to arrive at the chapel's west steps at 11:59am.

She has chosen her mother, Doria, to travel with her to the wedding, travelling from their overnight accommodation to St George’s Chapel by car. The decision breaks with UK tradition, which usually sees the bride travel with her father before he gives her away in the wedding ceremony.

Instead, Ms Markle wanted to include both parents in her wedding day. When the car stops at the castle, her mother will exchange places with the bridesmaids and pageboys. Ms Ragland will enter the chapel by the Galilee Porch.

The most beautiful royal wedding dresses of all time

Meghan's father will meet her at the chapel's west door, before walking her down the aisle.

The traditional ceremony will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor, The Rt Revd. David Conner while the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will officiate as the couple make their marriage vows. 

Under the guidance of Harry's private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, the Lord Chamberlain's Office is dealing with the ceremonial aspects of the day.

It is assumed that Ms Markle is unlikely to opt to obey the prince and will probably choose the Series One (1966) Book of Common Prayer ceremony, just as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did. This allows the bride to drop the phrases "obey him" and "serve him" from the religious proceedings. Harry must decide whether to wear a wedding ring; William does not wear one.

The regiments Prince Harry served with in Afghanistan will also have a "special place" during the ceremony. Household Cavalry troopers will line the staircase at St George's Chapel, while streets within the precincts of the castle will be lined by members of the Windsor Castle Guard from 1st Battalion Irish Guards, and by Armed Forces personnel from the Royal Navy Small Ships and Diving, which has the Prince as Commodore-in-Chief, and the Royal Marines, where he is Captain General.

The 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, where Prince Harry served as an Apache Pilot in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, will also be represented, as well as The Royal Gurkha Rifles, his comrades in Afghanistan in 2007, and RAF Honington, where he is Honorary Air Commandant.

Royal wedding | Read more

The procession

The service will end at 1pm and the newlyweds will leave the chapel at the west steps, before leaving the castle by carriage. 

Prince Harry and Ms Markle will be driven for two miles along Castle Hill, the High Street and into Windsor town centre before returning along the beautiful, tree-lined Long Walk for their reception.

Kensington Palace has said: "Prince Harry and Ms Markle are very much looking forward to this short journey which they hope will be a memorable moment for everyone who has gathered together in Windsor to enjoy the atmosphere of this special day."

While we don't know for sure how long the procession will take, a similar procession in 1999 by Edward and Sophie took 15 minutes.

The best photo opportunity will be the West Steps of St George’s Chapel, when the bride and groom and their families emerge after the service. If you are lucky enough to be in Windsor on the day, head for the grass of the Horseshoe Cloisters opposite those steps for the view.

The Ascot Landau open carriage stands in the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace in London Credit: Victoria Jones

The newlyweds will make their journey through Windsor in an open-topped Ascot Landau carriage, Kensington Palace has confirmed. It is the same carriage Prince Harry used in the procession at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, when he was surrounded by small bridesmaids and page boys.

Crown Equerry Colonel Toby Browne, who runs the royal mews where the carriage was selected, said: "The fair weather option, the Ascot Landau, it was selected because it's a wonderfully bright, small, lovely carriage. Very easy for people to see, the passengers can sit up quite high - so there's lots of visibility for everybody.

"It was built in 1883, it's one of five that we have, most of them are down in Windsor, we always keep one in London for occasions."

If it rains on the wedding day, the wet weather option is the Scottish State Coach. Built in 1830, a new top was created in 1969 with large windows and a partial glass roof, to allow spectators to see the passengers.

Six horses, Windsor Greys, will be included the procession ride.

A team of four, Milford Haven, Plymouth and father and son Storm and Tyrone, will pull the Landau and two others - Sir Basil and Londonderry - will be outriders.

All have been involved in high profile events before, including the Spanish state visit last year, Royal Ascot, Trooping the Colour, the State Opening of Parliament and the Lord Mayor's Show. 

Map of the route

Wedding route

The receptions

They will be waved off by members of both families and the congregation will leave the chapel to see the newlyweds leave, before going to St George's Hall for the lunchtime reception hosted by the Queen.

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are touring Windsor, guests from the congregation will wait for the happy couple in St George's Hall to celebrate the first of the day's two receptions. This will be hosted by the Queen, will take place during the afternoon and will be attended by all guests who were invited to the service.

Invitations have been posted to 600 lucky guests; royal sources have said the guest list has been restricted to those who have a direct relationship with the couple, both because St George’s Chapel is relatively small and because the prince is not in the direct line of succession.

Some members of the public have received an invitation to wait in the grounds outside the chapel to watch the bride and groom and their wedding guests arrive and leave.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Frogmore House Credit:  REUTERS

From 7pm, a select 200 close friends will attend an after party hosted by the Prince of Wales at Frogmore House, Windsor. Half a mile away from Windsor Castle, the 17th century Grade I country house is owned by the Crown Estate and is part of the Frogmore Estate on the ground of the Home Park.

Prince Harry and Ms Markle's engagement photos were taken in the grounds of Frogmore House. The images were taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski, who has also been chosen to take the photographs on the wedding day. 

Lubomirski, the British-born son of Peruvian-English mother and a Polish-French father, also happens to be a Prince himself: his full title is His Serene Highness Prince Alexi Lubomirski.

It is expected that member of the Royal family, Ms Markle's family and intimate friends of both the newlyweds will be at the evening reception – although Princess Charlotte and Prince George will no doubt have been put to bed after their big day in the limelight.


Posted by Alex Blanton on March 02 2018



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Posted by Oliver Balson on February 06 2018

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It's our Tenth Anniversary in the U.S., and We're Celebrating!

Posted by Oliver Balson on September 21 2017

We've turned 10 years old in America, and we're giving away Bangers to celebrate!

Dear Friends of RJ Balson,

2017 is our 503rd year of business in the U.K., and we have hit another big milestone -- it is our 10th Anniversary of business in the U.S.A.!  In 2007, we began bringing our recipes to America, and we want to celebrate and thank you for helping make our 10th Anniversary possible!  Until Sunday at noon or while supplies last, all orders received through the RJ Balson website (www.balsonbutchers.com) will receive 2 LBS of our best selling TRADITIONAL BANGERS -- completely FREE!  (A $17.90 RETAIL VALUE!  This is a small way we can show you our appreciation!

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Feel free to share this limited offer with family and friends, and on social media, etc.  (There is a convenient "Forward to a friend" link at the top of this email.  Also,  if you have not "liked" our "R.J. Balson & Son USA" Facebook page, please do so at   https://www.facebook.com/RJ-Balson-Son-USA-135839983268/  

Thank you for your business and support! 
We wiish you the Best!

The Balsons

RJ Balson Insulated Grocery Tote now comes with every order!

Posted by Oliver Balson on June 01 2016

We are pleased to announce that we are now including an insulated grocery tote with every order!  While the stylish tote will aid in protecting your Balson Bangers and Bacon through transport with Fedex, the tote is also re-usable!  Whether you are coming home from other shopping or heading out for a picnic, the tote is a handy way to carry light weight items that need to stay cool.  We're getting great feedback from our customers so far, and we hope you enjoy yours, available exclusively by placing an order through our online store!  BUY BETTER, BUY BALSONS!

RJ Balson's 500th Anniversary Celebration!

Posted by Oliver Balson on October 21 2015

On September 12, 2015, RJ Balson, England's Oldest Family Business and Europe's Oldest Family Butchers, turned 500 years old.  It was business as usual in the shop that day, and then the celebrations began!  That evening, The Bridport Town Hall was packed well beyond capacity as guests arrived from all over the U.K. and the U.S.A. for a night of fellowship, laughter, food and drink.  Here are a few pics from the auspicious occassion ...








Big News -- RJ Balson retail outlets across Texas!

Posted by Oliver Balson on July 24 2015

We are please to announce that RJ Balson Traditional Bangers and RJ Balson Back Bacon items are now in stock at over 30 Spec's locations across Texas!  We are thrilled to be working with Spec's and to be able to make our items more accessible to our many great patrons in TX!  THANK YOU for your support!  The following Spec's locations are stocking (please be aware that we do not have access to Spec's inventory -- you may want to call your local Spec's location to verify availability).


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"500 Years Behind the Block" book just released! Order on amazon.co.uk for worldwide delivery...

Posted by Oliver Balson on April 13 2015

Now on Amazon.co.uk and delivering anywhere in the U.S., a personal history and memoir by Master Butcher Richard Balson of RJ Balson & Son, the oldest family business in the U.K.! 2015 marks our 500th Anniversary -- order a copy of this entertaining read today -- Only £10 plus shipping!  All books purchased will be signed by the  author -- Master Butcher, and shop owner Richard Balson ... Sure to be worth thou$ands someday!


All the Best, The Balson family.

Merry Christmas!!

Posted by Oliver Balson on December 12 2013



From our family to yours, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and New Years!

God bless you all, 

The Balsons