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RJ Balson & Son USA currently offers wholesale pricing for both retail and food service applications. If you are a specialty shop owner or grocery chain buyer interested in wholesale retail-pack pricing or a pub/restaurant owner, caterer, tearoom operator, or distributor interested in wholesale food-service pack pricing, contact us either by telephone (803) 979-2000, via email (, or through our "Contact" link. Pricing is subject to and based on minimum batch runs and current shipping rates. We can and do supply wholesalers both directly through drop shipments and indirectly through third-party distributors, depending on location, volume, market viability, and other variables.

We at Balson Butchers are committed to providing the highest quality English and Irish specialty products at the most affordable price to the consumer, and we are happy to work with wholesalers committed to that same end. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Featured Restaurant: The Olde Ship

Posted by Oliver Balson on June 07 2011


"A Traditional British Pub with two locations around L.A. -- Santa Ana and Fullerton "


Simon Collier, owner of The Olde Ship, has done a bang-up job with these pubs....authentic British pub grub, a wonderful environment, friendly staff, and Barclay's Premier League at every opportunity makes for a great outing for any occasion.  You can always find a good crowd of Ex-Pats and Anglophiles here!  Anytime you're in the L.A. area, a stop here is a must -- and don't forget to order the bangers, they're Balsons!

The Olde Ship's locations are:

1120 West 17th St. Santa Ana, CA and  709 North Harbor Blvd. Fullerton, CA

Featured Retailer: The Pure Pasty Co.

Posted by Oliver Balson on October 04 2011


The Pure Pasty Co
, in the lovely town of Vienna, VA offers retail packs of RJ Balson's Bangers and Bacon, but it does not stop there!  Here you will find a full-on bakery where pasties, pork pies, and other goodies are made from scratch daily.  We at Balsons are thoroughly impressed with the products and people at Pure Pasty, and if you are in the neighborhood, it is certainly worth the visit! 

The Pure Pasty Co. is located at: 

128-C Church St NW
Vienna, VA 22180