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Not Just "England's Oldest"!

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As the Balson family has been continuously practicing the craft of butchery from at least the year 1535, for some time we have been known as "England's Oldest Family Butchers."  With new research from the Institute of Family Business, it has now been determined that RJ Balson & Son is now "England's Oldest family Business"!  We are honored with this distinction, and we're excited about the new research underway that could determine that we are the Oldest Butchers in all of Europe!   Here's the new articles from IFB:



We're proud of being "England's Oldest" because longevity implies quality, and we take pride in all of the specialty meats that we produce, from our full shop in Bridport, Dorset with over thirty sausage varieties, puddings, gammon steaks, loins, pies,  etc. , to our expanding production in the U.S., where we are making Traditional pork bangers, back bacon, chipolatas, and soon-to-be Traditional beef bangers and black pudding!  We're the oldest, and we also produce some of the best British food in England and America!

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