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"500 Years Behind the Block" book just released! Order on amazon.co.uk for worldwide delivery...

Posted by Oliver Balson on April 13 2015

Now on Amazon.co.uk and delivering anywhere in the U.S., a personal history and memoir by Master Butcher Richard Balson of RJ Balson & Son, the oldest family business in the U.K.! 2015 marks our 500th Anniversary -- order a copy of this entertaining read today -- Only £10 plus shipping!  All books purchased will be signed by the  author -- Master Butcher, and shop owner Richard Balson ... Sure to be worth thou$ands someday!


All the Best, The Balson family.

RJ Balson Bangers at COSTCO clubs in February!

Posted by Oliver Balson on January 21 2015

We are pleased to announce that for a limited time and while supplies last, RJ Balson's award winning "Traditional Bangers" are coming back to the shelves at a number of Costco locations throughout the country!

If you are in the MIDWEST Region (all clubs in the states of MN, WI, MI, OH, IN, IL, IA, MO, NE, KS, AND KY) our Bangers are already in the COSTCO warehouse and will be hitting the shelves at all clubs the week of February 2.  If you are in the NORTHEAST/MID-ATLANTIC Region (the states of VA, WV, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, and Wash D.C.), our bangers will hit the shelves next week of February 9th.

We are excited at the opportunity to work with COSTCO again, and we always encourage our customers to stock up at COSTCO if they can -- the price is great and our bangers can freeze for 6-12 months.  COSTCO will sell the bangers only until St Patricks Day, OR while supplies last.  Thank you for helping us spread the word!  We are committed to establishing English/Irish food in U.S. retail markets, and every pack of bangers sold shows COSTCO that there is a great demand for bangers and other similar items!  If your local COSTCO is not carrying our bangers, rest assured that we have been working hard to get our bangers on the shelves in as many locations as possible, and we hope to expand to other areas and retailers on the future!

ALL OTHER LOCATIONS:  Unfortunately, some of the COSTCO buyers passed us by this year, but we're not giving up!  Feel free to let your local club manager know that you would like to see RJ Balson Bangers available in your area.  Each club has a "suggestions box" close to the door ... if you are willing and able, take a minute to fill one out and make a nuisance of yourself! 

We greatly value your support!  We are a small family business up against very large companies, and only through the support of friends like yourself have we been able to come this far.  We have a long way to go -- thank you sincerely for taking the journey with us.  It has been humbling to receive all the encouragement along the way. 

PHOTO CONTEST! -- Just for fun, we have arranged a little photo contest raffle.  The winner will be drawn on St Patrick's Day, March 17th! and will receive 5 lbs of RJ Balson Back Bacon!  To enter, all you need to do is take a photo of Balson Bangers in your COSTCO club and post the picture to our Facebook page.  ("British Bangers and Bacon") https://www.facebook.com/pages/British-Bangers-and-Bacon/135839983268

Alternatively, you can email the photo to contact@balsonbutchers.com with "COSTCO PHOTO" as the subject line.  We will contact the winner on March 18th!  Please share this email with friends and family (there is a convenient forward to a friend option the bottom of this email)!


The dark green areas below indicate the states where all COSTCO Clubs are stocking RJ Balson Bangers!

All the Best,
Oliver Balson
RJ Balson USA, Inc.

Merry Christmas!!

Posted by Oliver Balson on December 12 2013



From our family to yours, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and New Years!

God bless you all, 

The Balsons

New Chicagoland Retailer!

Posted by Oliver Balson on July 23 2014

We are pleased to announce that RJ Balson has just partnered with Fresh Farms International in the Chicago area!  You can now find our Traditional Bangers (1 lb pack)  and Back Bacon (8oz pack) at Fresh Farms' north side location (Niles) .... 5740 W. Touhy Avenue.  


We are excited to work with the great people at Fresh Farms and hope to add our items to their other locations in the future.   Thank you for your support! 


The Balsons




"Balson Bangers" are Back on the Shelves!

Posted by Oliver Balson on February 13 2014

Watch the BALSONS on the BBC!...

Posted by Oliver Balson on January 17 2014

1 Hr BBC production on our butcher shop!...


We are pleased to announce that our butcher shop was featured in a 1 hr production on BBC4 as part of their 'HIDDEN HISTORIES, BRITAIN"S OLDEST FAMILY BUSINESSES".  In case you missed the show, please check BBC4 programming for times of the replays.  Also, we've been told that the full program has also been loaded onto YouTube.


You can also read more about the series from The Telegraph...




All the best!

The Balsons


Posted by Oliver Balson on December 08 2013

Please keep in mind our delivery schedule as follows:  With Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year, to guarantee delivery by Dec. 25th, orders must be received by 10pm, Monday December 16th.  All orders received on or before the 16th will deliver between the 18th and 21st of December.


Due to Fedex scheduling and Christmas holiday, we WILL NOT be shipping orders out on Christmas week -- all orders received after 10pm on Dec. 16th will ship out on December 30th.


We at Balsons would like to wish you a safe a and Happy Christmas and New Years!

May God bless you this holiday season and throughout 2014...


The Balsons 

USDA Approves ALL NATURAL British label

Posted by Oliver Balson on July 25 2013


We at RJ Balson & Son are excited to announce and introduce our newest "ALL NATURAL AUTHENTIC BRITISH STYLE BANGERS" label. Until recently, our All Natural Bangers have been approved under our Irish label, and so we are pleased to now offer our All Natural British label as well, which will be available in our online store in the near future! 

Bridport butchers come out on top as horsemeat scandal continues

Posted by Oliver Balson on February 26 2013


Bridport butchers come out on top as horsemeat scandal continues

8:30pm Tuesday 19th February 2013 in NewsBy Rene Gerryts

SHOPPERS in Bridport are turning back to butchers in the wake of the horsemeat scandal.

With concern growing about ‘criminal activity’ at the heart of the crisis, local traders say they are seeing an increase in customers who want to know where their food comes from.   Richard Balson of Balsons Butchers in West Road said they had been seeing and increase in customers.He said: “It has made people aware of what they are buying.  “It is all about traceability. We can trace form the farm shop to the butchers’ counter.  “If you buy convenience food for £1.59 it can’t be a lot of good stuff in it can it? It is just common sense.

“It is a wake up call for consumers and it has been good for us.”  Phil Frampton, of butchers Framptons in East Street, said he thinks local butchers could benefit in the long term.  He added: “If there’s a proper investigation it will do give us a long-term benefit.  “The UK is not self-sufficient and that’s why we import meat.  “But when supermarkets give away a bottle of wine and two so-called finest cuts of meat and dessert for £10, they can sell it cheaper than I can buy it for. “Around Christmas, one of the big supermarkets was selling topside of beef for £5 a kilo when we’re paying £7 a kilo for it.” Mr Frampton said there are information points around the shop so people can see where the meat comes from. He said: “We’ve been getting younger people coming in with children. People can talk to us behind the counter about where the meat comes from – the packet can’t talk, can it?"

Caroline Morgan, chief executive of Bridport Local Food Links which provides school and day centre meals said that they had always worked using only high quality ingredients and that all food is prepared by them from scratch.  We believe that the quality of our food is everything.  We don’t use any processed foods.These problems have arisen from buying in ready-processed meals.  We have got a good reputation and a great relationship with quality suppliers.  We believe that the meals we offer children are the closest you can get to cooking for them at home.  We order straight from our butchers, we know where that meat has come from and everything is put together when it’s fresh.  If you are buying frozen meals then basically you are trusting the label on the packet.  We hope that parents and schools can trust us and we are always happy to answer any questions directly. There is a feedback form on our website.”


New Labels, Same Bangers!

Posted by Oliver Balson on February 07 2013

For our regular online customers, you will notice that our Traditional Bangers have a new face.  Never fear -- the sausages are unchanged!    As well as selling to a number of ENGLISH and IRISH pubs, we have also started packing our bangers both with an ENGLISH and IRISH themed label.  This has come about after working with a number of retail buyers on what they feel will best perform at retail here in the U.S.

While there are geographical differences in what butchers call "Traditional Bangers" in all of the U.K., we feel these differences are more regional rather than national.  What we at Balsons from Southwest England consider "Traditional" may be very different from what a butcher in Lincolnshire or Cumbria considers "Traditional", but could be very similar from what Londoners or Dubliners consider "Traditional."  

If you are confused, you're in good company!  A surprising number of distributors, buyers, and even pub owners are equally as confused as to what difference is (if there is one!).  We hope to soon release more detailed thoughts on the matter soon with an upcoming blog entry, "English, Irish.... Whats the Skinny?" Hopefully it will be a small contribution to help clear up the matter!